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Liselotte07201211Liselotte Doorduijn is a writer, fashion consultant and digital strategist.

Her writing has been published on the websites of Hunger Magazine, Vogue (UK), Elle (NL), L’Officiel (NL), 1Granary, NOLOmagazine and Mastersofmedia.com amongst others.

Liselotte is particularly interested in the ever-blurring lines between art, fashion and digital media. For her Bachelor’s degree in New Media, at the University of Amsterdam, she researched how the internet and new technologies have become indispensable for the fashion industry and how luxury brands use new technologies to communicate their messages. To gain experience, she worked at global enterprises including Karla Otto, Vogue UK, ELLE NL, L’Officiel,DDB, Ketchum and Rapp.

Now based in London, Liselotte received an MA in fashion and fashion journalism from London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2014.

Her writing and day-to-day are documented on A Lot Of Inspiration, Instagram, and Facebook.

For all general inquiries please send an email to liselottedoorduijn@hotmail.com